How to send multiple files in your Hotmail?

In Hotmail we want to mention that sending a file in our email account is very simple, but many people do not know how to do to send many files at once and not be uploading one by one, this would be very annoying and a great waste of time.

Without a doubt our Outlook email account can be used to send attachments, but to send several dozen files would be very difficult, for this reason we will give you one of the best ways to send these files that are small but numerous.

For this we must have installed any of the file compressor programs, we recommend that you install the most common and used, such as WinRar, WinZip and 7Zip. There are many more but you can have one of these.

For this tutorial we are going to use WinRar, for this we must have all the files in a folder with the desired name, out of the folder you have to right click this way a Windows tab will appear, here you will select the option Add to (your folder name).rar, this way you will create the file winrar.

After this, a WinRar program window will appear where it will indicate the percentage and the time remaining to finish compressing the file, if the files are many, it will take a little while, but remember, that the Outlook limitation is 25 megabytes, this means that you must create a WinRar file that weighs less than 25 megabytes.

When you finish you will have a WinRar file with the same name as your folder, which you must upload in Outlook, for this we recommend the following post, to upload a file and send your contact the file.

In order to send files to your contacts you can enter this link and learn how to send: How can I send files with Outlook?

But if the file is bigger than 25 megabytes then you can read this tutorial: How to send big files in Outlook?

As you can read, it is very easy to send a large amount of files in a single email.

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