How to delete the folder of messages sent in Hotmail?

In Outlook there are many options that we can use, for this reason if we want to configure our account, there is no problem, if logging into bothers you to have a folder of mail you have sent, since you automatically have this folder and are adding all the emails you have sent, but there are many people who do not want to have this folder, either for security reasons or why you do not feel necessary, so in this tutorial we will teach you how to delete folder of sent messages.


In order to achieve this we have to log in with the Outlook email account, we can do so by logging in to or and logging in with our information.

Then you have to press the configuration button which is shaped like a nut, this is at the top and to the right, after this will open a small tab and it is there that we will have to enter and select the option More mail configuration options.

When being inside the configurations you will have to look for the block of Writing Electronic mail, inside you will find the option of Storing sent Messages.

After this you have to click on the option Do not save sent messages, this way when sending emails will not be stored and you will be reassured that no one will be able to see your sent emails.

If you want to do the opposite, just select the Save all sent messages option in the Sent items folder.

Undoubtedly this tutorial will be of great help to you to be able to configure your folder of sent mails, this way you will not have more copies of mails that you have sent.

Because many times people deactivate this option, it turns out that people have shared an email with another person, so both send emails, this can be very uncomfortable if we have to send information to a contact that only we want to know.

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