How do I securely sign out of Hotmail?

It has happened to many people that when they Hotmail login they forget to close the session and they are in another place that is public, without a doubt you would be exposed to someone who can remove your email account, for this reason it is very important that you be very careful when using your email account elsewhere than your PC.

In order to log out correctly and securely, we need to be logged in with our email account.

Being in our email account, we will go to the top right and click on your user account, this will display a tab and where there are several options, at the end you will find logout.

When you press you will be leaving the email account and you will be completely sure that nobody will be able to manipulate your email account, this way you will not lose it.

There is another method to enter safely and you will have the opportunity that if you forget the password, no one can take over your account, as you will have entered with a code and not with your password.

Remember one thing, before getting up from the chair and stop using the PC, do not close the browser, that will not close your email account, to open the browser again and you will find that your account is active, for this reason it is necessary to do the procedure above, this way there will be no way to open the account.

Another way to have your account protected is to use your browser in incognito mode, this will help you avoid saving addresses and cookies. This way there will be no information saved when you leave the site.

No one will be able to find your email account open, if you are careful enough, no one nor Microsoft has invented an application to keep your account safe by carelessness like this, so be very careful.

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