Create photo album in Hotmail

When creating an account in Hotmail we were used to have a tool for our photos, but this is also Outlook, there is a very easy way to create albums for the photos that we like so much, this will help you collect a large amount of photos, in this small tutorial we will show you the easiest way to create an album for you to upload your photos quickly and easily.

One of the advantages that we can have with this system is that we will save space in our PC or Mobile Terminal, we can also open it anywhere we are, so we do not need to have any excuse not to open your pictures.

Just open our SkyDrive and with the 7 GB completely free, we’ll have plenty of images to choose from and upload.


  • The first thing you need to do to get images uploaded to your Outlook album, you need to sign in with your Outlook email account and password.
  • After this you have to go to your SkyDrive and the way you have to do it is simply by clicking on the arrow at the top left, where it says Outlook, here will be a tab, which will be the SkyDrive application, you have to press to enter.
  • Then in the create option press and a tab will appear where you have to select Folder.
  • In this way a window will appear where you can put the name of the folder you are creating, no doubt will be allusive to the content that folder will have.
  • After you have created the folder, you have to upload the photos, you have to do this by clicking on the upload option, which is at the top right of create.
  • When you have uploaded the photos, you will see your images automatically, viewing the photos as an album.

If you have read the entire tutorial, you will have realized that it is very easy to upload photos and start collecting all kinds of images, no doubt a good option for us.

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